Do You Know the Difference Between A Digital Marketing Agency Vs Freelancers?

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I am DigitalSonia, A Leading Digital Marketing Freelancer in Delhi, India. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts, Experience, and views to highlight the difference between A Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Freelancers. So, enjoy reading and post your valuable comments below.

Digital Marketing services nowadays are a need of the hour. Every New & Old stable business needs it. Either they have an in-house team or they depend on some agency/ Freelancer. During the pandemic, most of the businesses are trying to float their boat on Online Platforms. We got more newly introduced E-commerce stores which were earlier depends on their Retail Stores only. People are more dependent on top digital marketing companies and paying more to get early results which will lose existence once you stop spending. Only the organic results will last longer and the fame is free of cost but time taking.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy, War, and Peace.

I know it’s hard to trust any company or any freelancer but by the time and with their achievable results, you can judge their knowledge panel. And Rest an on-call discussion and a personal meeting will help you make a positive decision.

Search Results on Google till 20/11/2020:

Top Digital Marketing Companies- About 1,13,00,00,000 results (0.68 seconds)

Digital Marketing Freelancer- About 6,17,00,000 results (0.60 seconds)

The search results show that people (Small & Middle Scale Businesses) are less dependent on Digital Marketing companies as they are charging high and are not giving complimentary services to their clients. They are having official communication with them, they are imposing their pieces of advice on them and not guiding them throughout their project work journey. As a Freelancer, I am listening to what they are expecting, what suits them best, and how much they can spend on their budget. I am boosting their knowledge by making them understand how digital things work and help them in near future. I am not just sharing the pre-made contracts to every client, I represent after modifying everything as per their requirement. 

Work Scenario:

Agency: They work with companies based on contract as per their budget for a fixed tenure and if you want to take extra services which will further add to your budget and make the things costlier. They are the decision-makers in terms of providing content and brand building sometimes you don’t like their boss’s behavior. They mostly focused on paid results which you get quickly but won’t stay last longer, and sometimes no results at all. Agencies aren’t for start-ups because in the early stage of your business you won’t get many results, but by the time and with the interest of a relevant audience, you’ll start getting results, traffic, clients & revenue.

Freelancers: As a Freelancer, I always discuss in-depth client project, their motives, and desired results. I guide them and consult every small step throughout the process or tenure of working. I get in touch with them and they’ll be the decision-maker in terms of changing the content and other important things. As slow and steady wins the race, they’ll start getting organic results and they don’t need to spend much in the first phase. As a freelancer knowing and understanding a client’s need is the base to start developing a Plan of Action.

A Piece of Inside Story:

Some of the Digital Marketing companies also depend on freelancers when they don’t have much staff under one roof. As the Freelancers are working with complete dedication towards a project given them with a set time limit. They work 24X7 to complete the task and serve it to the company and the company will let you know the status of your project. Sometimes the companies act as a middleman in providing services directly to you but under the umbrella of their brand name. They are only promoting their brand and work only to maintain their goodwill but they will not always do justice to your projects.

Experimental Review:

One of my friends hire a company during lockdown to promote their brand on Social Media they only create some of the profiles and share some random graphics that does no wonder at all. After this, they hire a Freelancer for getting some positive results from Facebook, she works hard & found some valuable leads for them that works wonders for them they sold their hygiene products during lockdown to some direct customers. Trust-building is the main focus of a freelancer which helps in getting clients by word of mouth/ Direct Marketing.

Whom to choose?

Choose wisely before deciding spending, do the research work before hiring that who can be a better fit for your project. Companies work on many projects simultaneously but the freelancers are a bit choosy and having limit projects in their hands. They give complete personal attention to every project.

Who is perfect & Why?

If the project is a start-up, then a freelancer will be a great choice for you, who can consult you with less charging fee and guide you to create your online presence. He will help you to make a bulletproof identity. On the Other hand, if you choose an agency/company for digital marketing services, they’ll charge a huge amount to just create some Social Media Pages and Some worthless Content without knowing & understanding your niche (Business type, products & services) and the need of your customers.

A freelancer guides you step by step to help you reach the ladder of success you are looking for. As a Freelancer I built trust among my clients, providing relevant content to their business and website, give complete attention to their projects, creating business-related social profiles for them, and help them get results which will further help them in getting valuable leads, clients, sales.

Now, you know who is the right choice for you and who can do justice to your project with complete dedication. I am Digital Sonia, A Leading Digital Marketing Freelancer in Delhi, India. You can reach out to me here if you need any kind of Digital Marketing Freelance service or consultation regarding your ongoing projects.

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