How DIGITAL DEEPAK Has Rediscovered My success Story

I wanted to showcase my own E-commerce business brand by using my own digital marketing knowledge. I had spent More than 3 years with 2 different companies who drove great sales in the long run. I was so attracted towards E-commerce & Digital Marketing and wanted to earn in this area of selling products along with services. I left my job in June 2020 and started thinking about making a brand.

During Aug 2020, I searched a lot about internships near me came across DIGITAL DEEPAK after lots of headhunting. After attending the very first webinar, I am shocked, surprised, and excited to join the program. Shocked because I never expected that high level of understanding towards mentees, as a mentor which I saw in DEEPAK Sir. I want to become my own boss as my ex jobs were just two horrible nightmares and I learned from my own actions. I learned a lot during my internship tenure. I am a writer and a professional in Digital Marketing & Website Designing. I Love to write deep thoughts on my Facebook page. 

Now in 2025, I am having a great network of highly positive clients and people, who are having trust in me & my Brand. I am serving quality not quantity and avoiding those who want quantity work, not quality work. I care about my client and sharing a strong bond. People with Patience & a Positive attitude can earn knowledge more than money. Also, I am dealing with those who want to see results after putting effort. Taking care of my health is my very first priority while starting a day as this digital world will impact your body if you continuously use your laptops, PCs. I am doing Yoga & Meditation for earning Positive Energy to kick start my day. 

Wish me Good Luck for the Future. 

Thank You.

Digital Sonia

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